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Download Now. Jump to Page. Likelihood of fre- quent separation by quarrels and misunderstandings. Jupiter, a good wife or husband and, in general, a happy marriage. Venus, the marriage is likely to be happy if Venus is not afflicted. Other- wise, always quarrels. The native becomes highly jyoti hb ok; Astrology for Beginners :C attracted towards the opposite sex. Saturn, difference of age or station between native and partner. Generally an unhappy married life. Rahu and Ketu give tragic conditions.

The lord of the 7th should not occupy the 6th, or the 8th and the 2nd should not be aspected by malefics to assure marital happiness. If the 7th house is hemmed in between two malefics Papakarthari Yoga , then married life proves burden-some and miserable.

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If Venus be afflicted by Mars, we are likely to find tumultous feelings and little emotional calm or happiness with prolonged separation. Bad aspects between the 5th and the 7th lords may denote life- long celibacy. If the Sun and Rahu be in the 7th house, it denotes loss of wealth through the associ- ation of women.

If malefics should occupy the 4th, the 7th and the 12th houses, one will be bereft of wife and children. If the lord of the Ascendant be in the 7th subject to benefic influence, the native gets a wife or husband from a respectable family. Venus well disposed in the 7th denotes good fortune after marriage and the enjoyment of all the fruits of married life. Marriage and Issues 63 a significant part. Malefics in the 8th particularly Mars bring about early widowhood.

Saturn in the 8th makes the married life unromantic and charm- less. When the Moon along with Saturn occupies the 7th house, the woman concerned will have more than one marriage. If the 7th house happens to be a common sign Dwiswabhava Rasi and Venus is there in conjunction with malefics, more than one marriage is invariably indicated. If the lord of the Ascendant and that of the 7th are close to each other, marriage takes place early in life.

A similar result may be predicted if benefics are posited in the Ascendant, the 2nd and the 7th. Marriage may occur during the Dasa period of the planet 1 posited in the 7th house ; 2 Venus and the Moon ; 3 planet aspecting the 7th house; or 4 owning the 7th house. Issues The 5th house rules children. Jupiter indicates progeny and the 5th lord is also connected with issues. Favourable disposition of all these three factors is a great asset for getting good, long-lived and obedient children. When the 5th house is occupied by malefic planets or has other heavy afflictions, opposite results will be produced.

Illustrious children are born when the ruler of the 5th house is in elevation, well aspected and in a congenial sign.

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When malefic planets are in the 12th in a female's horoscope, there are dangers in confinement. No children should be predicted if Jupiter, the Ascendant lord and lords of the 7 th and the 5 th are weak and otherwise afflicted. If Saturn be in the 5th house and the lord of the 5th be in conjunction with Rahu, the native will have no surviving children. If the 5th house and its lord be placed in a male Sign or be in conjunction with or aspected by male planets, then most of the children will be males.

The birth will be of daughters if the said house or its lord be in a female sign, or be associated with or aspected by female planets. The number of issues should be determined by a consideration of planets in the house, or those that are posited along with the lord of the 5th house, as to how many of them are in friendly, inimical or depression Navamsas.

The number of Navamsas, gained by Jupiter or lord of the 5th indicates the number of issues to be bom. Birth of children may occur during the Dasa or Bhukd of Jupiter, or lord of the 5th from the Ascendant or from the Moon 1 "4 ft cting the 5 th. Sun Born at p. Moon Jupiter Ascdt.

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Ketu Venus. Mars Jupit.

He is in conjunction with the lord of the 3rd. The 7th house, the 7th lord and Kalatra-karaka Venus are all hemmed in between Mars and the Sun. Considered from the Moon also, the dispositions are highly unfavourable.

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The couple are practi- cally divored. The lords of the Ascendant and the 7th are very near each other. Marriage took place in the 15th year of the native. Venus is in the second Navamsa. Hence more than one marriage is clearly indicated. The 5th is aspected by the Moon. Hence children are indicated. Mercury, the lord of the 5th, has gained seven Navamsas.

Birth of seven children is denoted, out of which surviving will be five or six as two njalefics intervene in between Aries and Libra in the Navamsa diagram jyoti hb ok; CHAPTER X Timing Events HINDU Astrology has achieved remarkable success in the matter of timing events, as to when the different indications of the hoioscope— marriage, birth and death of children, death of parents, financial gains and losses, access to wealth, loss of reputation, increase of fame and many other events occurring in our daily lives, wculd fructify or happen.

Hindu Predictive Astrology enables one to time and predict events with considerable accuracy. In this book however we shall give the merest outlines, so that readers are given an insight into the vexed question of timing events. It is not in the province of our discussion to investigate into the rationale of the Dasa System but our task consists in giving a faithful account of what in our humble opinion has a sound basis in actual practice and can be relied upon safely. There are any number of Dasas in vogue in India but we propose to deal with Vimshottari or Udu Dasa, In the choice of any particular type of Dasa, the guiding factor should be experience.

Vimshottari, in our humble opinion, has been built upon a firm foundation. In their over -enthus- iasm to modernise Hindu Astrology, they forget the value of experience which should of course be the true criterion of all knowledge. In this system there are nine main periods, each presided over by a planet.

The Antaras are again subdivided into Antarantaras and so on till Swara or the period necessary for the inhaling and exhaling of breath is reached. Nevertheless for all practical purposes the sub-period will be found to be quite j sufficient. In order to calculate the ruling period at birth and date of its commencement it is necessary to obtain the position of the Moon at the time of birth.

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To determine the asterism at birth observe the exact longitude of the Moon. We know that s. Each asterism being 13 degrees and 20 minutes we must find out what will be the period for 9 degrees and 15 minutes, in Venus Dasa, passed or elapsed. This period has expired before birth and from the time of birth only the balance of yrs. After finding out the Dasa, the sub-period in each of this particular period must be thus determied. Multiply together the number of years of the Dasa period of the planet by the number of years of the Dasa period of the planet whose sub-period is desired.

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Then cutting off the last figure of the product, multiply it by 3 and keep that figure as days, the other figures in the product will be months. Suppose we want to find the sub-period of Saturn in the major period of Mercury. We know from the above how to find the un- expired balance of Dasa at birth. With the expired portion of Dasa there are certain sub-periods ruling under the period which have also expired. Add together the Bhuktis from the begin- Sub-Periods 71 ing of Janma Dasa ruling period , one by one, till the total is a little in excess over the expired period of Dasa at birth.

Diminish the aggregate by the expired Dasa and the remainder gives the balance of unexpired Bhukti of the planet in question at birth. Judgment There are several considerations to. Astrology for Beginners The general results due to a planet should be carefully weighed and incongruous results, wherever they occur, should be avoided. The relations between the lords of the main period and sub-period should be considered when predicting events during their time.

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It is cer- tainly difficult to lay down any particular result which will apply to all. Conclusions should be drawn having regard to strength and propensity of the planet. The prediction should always be consistent with the person for whom it is intended, under the condition of life in which he is brought up as well as the physical possibility at the time. As a general proposition it may be stated that a planet during its Dasa generally gives the results pertaining to the houses it rules or aspects.

Provided the lord is well placed, that is, in its own sign, exaltation, moolatrikona or friendly house, or conjunction with a yogakaraka or otherwise powerful, it will give rise to good results during its Dasa.