Leo horoscope week of january 13 2020

From 14 April , your ruling planet Sun would transit in its exalted sign, and thus would present you with achievements in life.

This Month

It is advisable that you try to curb your anger between the days of 22 March to 4 May of , and control your urge to react in an aggressive way. This is because, during this period, Mars gets exalted in the sixth house from your zodiac sign Leo, with Saturn.


Due to this transit of Saturn in its own sixth house, your struggles would increase but you would also get many golden opportunities to prove your worth, says the Leo Horoscope. However, there is an odd-chance that you might be tangles in a court case, which might put you through trying situations. Therefore, as per the predictions of Vedic Astrology, suggests that you should also try to always keep a check on your anger, and maintain a humble and gentle profile at all time.

Get your fortune predictions for You have ingrained feeling of being better than the others. It actually works for you too as you always try to put in the extra effort to stand out of the crowd Read More.

The Leo Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Leo Love and Relationship Horoscope : Leo, you are a chimerically romantic sign. When you are in love, you want the whole world to know about it.

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Leo Marriage Horoscope : We all dream and wait to find the Mr. The Leo Marriage horoscope shows the great possibility of getting hitched for single people with lunar Leo Leo Health Horoscope : Being a fire sign, you are a power house of energy. You believe in leading the group rather being part of one. Leo Travel Horoscope : Leo natives, manage your finances properly to avert unnecessary travel expenses in Login Sign Up. Home Horoscope - How is astrologically special?

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Launching the year, the solar eclipse of January 5 is cementing in this regard. When it comes to getting your health, your home life, your emotional or material world under better control, there is no time to waste and significant benefit to be had. Roll up your sleeves, put your heart into it and watch the good it does you. Mars, freshly at in Aries, the end of Uranus retrograde on January 6 and Venus into Sagittarius as of January 7 supply you with ample fuel.

Encompassing a total lunar eclipse super moon in Leo, the action peak of the month happens January 13 to The two will tee up on February 13 to begin a next phase trajectory.

Capricorn 12222 Horoscope

Mars in Aries remains on ready trigger with Eris, the karmic axis and Uranus to Uranus in Taurus, a seven-year transit, sets a whole new reality into play for all of us, for the planet. Matters to do with climate change are not only here to stay, they are on an acceleration track. Building to the monumental Capricorn alignment of , Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the solar eclipses of the year lay the groundwork for a new job, career, vocational track, or a change of lifestyle.

Forming three exact contacts January 16, June 13, and September 21 Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces keep potentials, creativity, and the spiritual quest well stoked, but they will also keep the uncertainty going strong especially regarding health, economics, wealth, or matters of heart.

Luck Prediction by Month 12222

A vivid imagination can be a plus when it is fueled by hopefulness, but a minus when it is fuelled by fear of loss. Watch for each of the exact alignments mentioned to expose or uncover another piece of the puzzle, to put you into a better know. Encompassing two eclipses total solar eclipse July 2, partial lunar eclipse July 16 Mid June through mid August marks another peak of the year for endings and significant threshold crossings.

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