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More events with Joanne Gerber. More events with Marc Lainhart.

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, will share the real scoop about the different types of spirit guides, and how you can identify and communicate with them. Susanne will answer your life issue questions, from participants at random, to provide clarity from guides and loved ones. She will also describe how the messages come through, to give you an understanding of the mechanics behind talking with your team.

More events with Susanne Wilson. Working with Ascended Master Saint Germain and his Violet Flame, each participant will be invited to ask one question and receive a channeled response and healing. This will be an intimate group experience and the group resonance will create a space where each question answered will have relevance for each participant. A recording of our time will be provided afterward. Space is limited to 5 people.

More events with Kim Quinones. Perfect for beginners. This is an excellent foundation. Meet your spirit guides who are working with you now; learn ways to connect-direct with your own beloved people and pets who are living in Heaven; learn ways to tap into your intuition to make choices for your highest good.

All are welcome. There is no prerequisite. Discussions and exercises on understanding consciousness, interdimensionality, intuition strength building, sensing energies, remote viewing.

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Learn how to grow to better receive the love and wisdom of your higher self — that part of you that is always connected to all that is. Understand divination tools and begin to identify which tools are right for you. Practice reading and interpreting the auric field to give helpful, hopeful, and healing information. Release your limiting beliefs and fears, to truly trust your inner wisdom. Perfect for those who have done some reading on the subject or have some experience. WHAT A 4 day conference and exposition with exhibitors and over lectures workshops and special events.

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For the first time in Seattle, Washington, AFC Tutor Penny Hayward will be offering a 4-day workshop and seminar on exploring the importance of serving spirit, touching souls and bringing the evidence, emotion and excitement of spirit to life with both private sittings and demonstrations of mediumship. This will be an informative as well as a practical workshop, exploring your potential!!!

We will build and expand on your current experience, knowledge and understanding in an effort to take you that essential step further…. Only 13 attendees! Everyone will receive messages from spirit. And, with Susanne's expert mentoring, everyone may practice making a direct-connection, too! You will learn and practice ways to make your own direct connection with your spirit guides and beloved people and pets who now live in the Spirit World. Includes lunch with Susanne, a signed book, take home materials and meditation mp3s, priority booking for an individual reading session.

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Please sign up for the conference, as soon as possible, to guarantee your seat will be held for you. Our Sail with Spirit and Seminar-at-Sea takes place right on our luxury cruise ship during our seven-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during our port calls in Alaska. Patent and Trademark Office. Skip to main content. Saturday, December 7, Monday, December 9, Thursday, December 12, Registration opens after Nov Saturday, December 14, Description : Working with Ascended Master Saint Germain and his Violet Flame, each participant will be invited to ask one question and receive a channeled response and healing.

Monday, December 16,