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Each sign is given a lengthy description of its characteristics, as well its creation myth. Greene then expands upon the sign's shadowy side, and? Astrology for Lovers will teach readers not only critical aspects of their own motivations, but also provide invaluable insight into the inner workings of their lovers. The Elements of Fire and Earth.

The Elements of Air and Water. April 25, at am.

Advanced Astrology.... for beginners: a crash course in practical astrology (part 1)

Patricia says. April 29, at pm. Chris Brennan says. Thanks for the heads up! It looks like this is the interview you are talking about, yeah?

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Return to top of page. Astrologer and psychologist Markus Jehle describes your potential for success and how you can use it to create personal happiness. This report covers your approach to the world, your attitude towards money and possessions, developing your talents and making the most of resources, other people's money, risk taking and more.

Specify gender, birth date, time, and place. Psychological Horoscope Analysis. She discusses the conscious and unconscious aspects of your personality, the psychological atmosphere during your childhood, typical patterns in your relationships and the best way towards integration and development. The text is lively, thought-provoking, psychologically deep and free of all "astrologese.

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Career and Vocation Horoscope. Liz Greene describes what sort of work would suit the basic temperament, specific aptitudes and skills, based on particular configurations. She deals with the limitations and problems someone might have to confront and describes the attitude a person has toward success and achievement.

Finally, she shows us what essential values a person needs to express in order to feel that they are making the best of their lives. Specify gender, birth date, time and place. Long-Term Perspectives: 6 Year Horoscope.

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What can astrology tell us as we move into the 21st Century? And, what does this important time promise for you as an individual? In this page report, Liz Greene looks at your selected transits and progressions for a six year period to help you understand your place in the new age.